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agheila, el - Agheila, el;
agheila, el - Village of Cyren-aica, 100 miles S. of Benghazi. The British Imperial Forces captured Benghazi from the Italians, Feb. 7, 1941, and Gen. Wilson then continued his advance to El Agheila on the edge of the Sirte Desert. On March 24 the place was occupied by the German Afrika Korps in the first encounter in N. Africa of British and German forces, and remained in German hands until Dec., 1942. The British 8th Army recaptured Benghazi on Nov. 20, 1942, and it seemed probable that the Afrika Korps would have made a stand at El Agheila, but by Dee. 12 Montgomery had resumed his offensive and the Germans, who were short of supplies, subsequently withdrew.

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