aiding and abetting

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aiding and abetting - Aiding and Abetting;
aiding and abetting - In law, the act of encouraging anyone to commit a crime by expressions, gestures, or actions intended to signify approval. A great authority, Mr. Justice Hawkins, laid it down that mere passivity cannot be aiding and abetting. "It is no criminal offence," he said, "to stand by, a mere passive spectator of a crime, even of a murder. Non-interference to prevent a crime is not itself a crime." Aiding and abetting is a crime varying in degree of penalty with the crime that is aided and abetted. It is a contempt of court to aid and abet a contempt of court. Thus, when a sheriff's officer, in the execution of his duty, is assaulted, and someone standing by cheers on the assaulter, both the aggressor and the encourager are "in contempt."

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