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aircraft production, ministry of - Aircraft Production, ministry of;
aircraft production, ministry of - Government organization set up in Great Britain in 1940 to supervise to the fullest extent the manufacture of aircraft of all types. This ministry also exercised powers in connexion with the production of materials, accessories, units, and parts associated with aircraft built, assembled, and repaired in this country. Aircraft research and development in the Second Great War were carried out by a department of the ministry, this highly-specialised work including the examination, dismantling, and reconstruction of enemy aircraft that had fallen into our hands. It also controlled the civil organization, the Air Transport Auxiliary, which was formed in Sept., 1939, for the purpose of delivering aircraft from factories and depots to the R.A.F. and Fleet Air Arm. The first minister of Aircraft Production was Lord Beaverbrook. His successors were J. T. C. Moore-Brabazon, later. Lord Brabazon of Tara; Col. J. J. Llewellin; Sir Stafford Cripps; and Ernest Brown. In the Labour Government of 1945 the ministry was merged with that of Supply, under John Wilmot.

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