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ahwaz - Ahwaz (ahwas; Ahwuz)
ahwaz - Town of Persia, in Khuzistan district. It stands on the river Karun, 70 m. N.E. of Basra, and is notable for the neighbouring ruins of the capital of Artabanus, the last king of Parthia. In the war with Persia, 1857, it was captured by the British. During the First Great War the British occupied Ahwaz in order to protect the oil wells of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. It was again occupied by a British force in Aug., 1941, when armed intervention by British and Russian troops removed the danger of Nazi control in Persia. Ahwaz was subsequently used as an important clearing-station for British and American war supplies on the way to Russia. A new rly. to Ahwaz from Khorramshahr (near Basra) was constructed for the purpose. Pop. 30,000.

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