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aire - Aire;
aire - River of Yorkshire, England. It rises in the Pennines, though the exact source has been disputed. It is usually accepted that the stream flows into Malham Tarn and immediately follows a subterranean course. It then reappears from beneath the semi-circular limestone cliff wall of Malham Cove, a beauty spot 1 m. N. of Malham village. It then flows first S., then S.E. to join the Ouse above Goole. In its upper course it flows through Airedale, one of the most beautiful of Yorkshire dales, but its waters become increasingly polluted in passing through the industrial area of the W. Riding. W. of Skipton is the Aire Gap, an easy passage through the Pennines into Ribblesdale, a route followed by the Leeds and Liverpool canal. Aire, France. River of France. In the Argonne region, it rises near St. Aubin and flows N.W. to join the Aisne near Grandpre. It figured prominently in the American offensive of 1918.

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