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caustic-alcohol - Caustic-alcohol;
caustic-alcohol - This term is commonly applied to sodium ethylate, a product formed by the decomposition of absolute alcohol with pure metallic sodium, the chemical formula being C2H5. NaO, or alcohol which has had one atom of its hydrogen replaced by one of sodium.

Dr. Richardson gives the following directions for preparing a solution of the proper strength for use: Place J fl. oz. of absolute alcohol in a 2-oz. test tube surrounded by a water-bath at 50° F. (10° C.); add sodium in small pieces to the alcohol so long as gas is given off; then raise the temperature of the bath to 100° F. (38° C.), and add more sodium so long as it continues to dissolve; lastly, cool to 50° F. (10° C.) and add ½ fl. oz. more absolute alcohol. There are several obvious objections to this method, in the time occupied, the long exposure to the air of such hygroscopic bodies, and the varying strength of the product. To remedy these, Dr. L. H. Smith proposes that the solution be made from a weighed amount of sodium, with as little exposure as possible. He finds the average weight of sodium used for making 23 c.c. to be 0.635 grm., forming 1.877 grin, of sodium ethylate; this dissolved in 20 c.c. of alcohol would give a solution containing 9.385 per cent. To make a 10 per cent, (nearly) solution would need 0.68 grm. sodium for 20 c.c. absolute alcohol, and 2.01 grm. of the ethylate in 20 c.c. Dr. Smith prepares a solution of 10.05 per cent, strength as follows: 20 c.c. of absolute alcohol are placed in a test-tube, closed with a perforated cork, into which a small tube drawn to a fine point has been inserted; the test-tube is placed in a bath of ice-water; 0.68 grm. of sodium is weighed out, cut into 3 pieces, and immediately replaced in the hydrocarbon oil in which it is kept; one piece of the sodium is quickly dried of the oil, dropped into the alcohol, and the cork replaced in the test-tube. It rapidly dissolves, when the second piece is added, and finally the third, observing as the solution becomes stronger and the reaction slower, the test-tube is removed from the bath, at intervals, to allow the temperature to rise, and hasten the solution. The finished solution is immediately transferred to small bottles and kept from the light. (Pharm. Journ.)

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