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calumbine - Calumbine;
calumbine - Calumbine is prepared from calumba root (Menisper-nvwm palmatum) by the following methods:

(1) Digest the coarsely powdered root in water acidulated with acetic acid; express, filter, boil to J, again filter, add calcium carbonate in slight excess, and evaporate to dryness in a water-bath; powder the residue, and digest in boiling alcohol; it will deposite crystals of calumbine on cooling.

(2) Evaporate tincture of the root (made with rectified spirit) to dryness; dissolve residue in water, and agitate the solution with equal bulk of ether; after short repose, decant the ethereal portion, distil off most of the ether, and set the liquid aside to crystallise. (Wittstock.)

(3) The powdered root is covered with a 2 to 3 per cent, solution of oxalic acid for some hours, and the resulting extract is neutralised with ammonia, which takes up the calumbic acid, and leaves the calumbine pure. (Alessandri.)

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