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salicine - Salicine;
salicine - Salicine is found in the bark and leaves of several species of Salix and Populus, but most abundantly in the white willow (S. alba) and aspen (P. tremula). It is prepared as follows:

(1) Exhaust willow bark by repeated coction with water, concentrate the mixed liquors, and, while boiling, add litharge until the liquid is nearly decolorised; filter, remove the dissolved oxide of lead, first by sulphuric acid, and afterwards by sulphuret of barium; filter, and evaporate, that crystals may form; the crystals must be purified by re-solution and re-crystallisation. (Merck.)

(2) As No. 1, but using a stream of sulphuretted hydrogen to free the solution from lead.

(3) To a strong filtered decoction of willow bark add milk of lime, to throw down the colour; filter, evaporate the liquor to a syrupy consistence, add alcohol (sp. gr. 0.847), to separate the gummy matter, filter, distil off the spirit, evaporate the residue, and set it aside in a cool place to crystallise; the crystals are purified by solution in boiling water, agitation with a little animal charcoal, and recrystallisation.

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