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alloys, gold artificial - Alloys, Gold Artificial;
alloys, gold artificial - (a) Pure copper, 100 parts; zinc or preferably tin, 17 parts; magnesia, 6 parts; salammoniac, 3.6 parts; quicklime, 1.8 part; tartar, 9 parts. The copper is first melted; the magnesia, salammoniac, lime, and tartar are then added, separately and by degrees, in the form of powder; the whole is now briskly stirred for about half an hour, so as to mix thoroughly, and then the zinc is added in small grains by throwing it on the surface and stirring till it is entirely fused; the crucible is then covered, and the fusion is maintained for about 35 minutes. The surface is then skimmed and the alloy is ready for casting. It has a fine grain, is malleable, and takes a splendid polish. Does not corrode readily, and for many purposes is an excellent substitute for gold. When tarnished, its brilliancy can be restored by a little acidulated water.

(b) Copper, 16 parts; platinum, 7 parts; zinc, 1 part; fused together. This alloy resembles gold of 16 carats fine, or ⅔, and will resist the action of nitric acid, unless very concentrated and boiling.

(c) Platinum, 16 parts; copper, 7 parts; zinc, 1 part; put in a crucible, cover with charcoal powder, and melt into a mass.

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