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alloys, gun-metal - Alloys, Gun-Metal;
alloys, gun-metal - (a) This is also an alloy of copper and tin, in the proportions of 8 or 9 parts of the former to 1 of the latter. It is a very tenacious metal, easily forged, and possesses a considerable amount of resistance; it is the metal of which large guns were formerly cast, whence the name. In order to make a perfectly uniform alloy, the melted metals should be cooled in the moulds as rapidly as possible. Gun-metal of the above composition has a specific gravity of 8.462; the weight of a cub. in. is 0.304 lb., and its tensile strength 15.2 tons to the sq. in.

The composition employed by the Kellers is - 100 of copper, 9 of tin, and 6 of zinc. Fesquet states the proportions adopted by the chief European armouries as follows:

Austria, Bavaria, Prussia, Russia, Saxony10010

(b) Brass, 112 lb.; zinc, 14 lb.; tin, 7 lb.

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