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alloys, inoxidisable - Alloys, Inoxidisable;
alloys, inoxidisable - A new alloy, which resembles silver, and is very ductile and malleable, is composed of 65 parts iron, 23 of nickel, 4 of tungsten, 5 of aluminium, and 5 of copper. The iron and the tungsten are melted together and then granulated, and the water into which the mixture is poured for this purpose must contain 1 lb. of slaked lime, and the same quantity of potash, to every gallon. The product formed by the fusion of the nickel, the copper, and the aluminium is also granulated in water containing the same proportion of lime and potash; and during the melting, the metals in the 2 crucibles must be kept covered with a flux made of 2 parts borax and 2 of saltpetre. A piece of soda or potash weighing about 1/2500 of the whole mass, is put into the crucible containing the copper, nickel, and aluminium, in order to prevent the oxidation of the last-named metal; and to prevent the same action taking place with the copper a small piece of charcoal is added. It is advisable before the operation of granulation, to well stir the contents of the 2 crucibles. The granulated metals are dried, melted in the proportion given above, well shaken, and then run into bars. The metal is called "sideraph-thite." Another formula for its preparation is: 66 parts iron, 23 nickel, 5 copper, and 4 tungsten.

Lemarquand's inoxidisable alloy contains 750 copper, 140 nickel, 20 black oxide of cobalt, 18 rod tin, 72 pure zinc.

Marlie's consists of 10 parts of iron, 35 nickel, 25 brass, 20 tin, 10 zinc, plunged while hot into a mixture of 30 parts sulphuric acid, 10 nitric acid, 5 hydrochloric acid, 25 water.

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