muntz's metal

muntz's metal defined in 1909 year

muntz's metal - Muntz's Metal;
muntz's metal - An alloy of copper and zinc. For rolling into sheets, the best proportions are 60 parts copper to 40 zinc; but for other purposes its composition is variable. It was patented in 1832 by Muntz of Birmingham, and has since superseded copper for sheathing the bottoms of ships. The alloy is made in a reverberatory furnace, the copper being melted first and the zinc added afterwards. The fused mixture is run into clay-lined vessels and ladled from these, while still hot, into iron ingot-moulds. It is rolled into sheets or worked into bolts at a red heat; the sheets are subsequently "pickled " in weak sulphuric acid, and then washed with water. Fesquet states the composition for sheathing plates as 56 copper, 40.75 zinc, 4.5 lead.

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