boiler incrustation, chemical processes

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boiler incrustation, chemical processes - boiler incrustation, Chemical Processes;
boiler incrustation, chemical processes - These consist in the use of certain solvent substances introduced into the boiler to precipitate salts contained in the water. The non-adherent, muddy deposits thus formed from the calcareous matter are from time to time removed, that they may not by their presence be an obstacle to the action of heat. Colouring matters, dyewoods, and in general all woods containing tannin, can be used for the purpose, when the waters contain neither sulphates nor chlorides.

Various other products having for base fecula, lime, and baryta, are also employed with success; but the constitution of the substances used should be suited to the nature of the water. The chief inconvenience in using these products is that most of them corrode the boiler-plates, and produce a froth in the water with which they are mixed, containing precipitated fragments, which, in consequence of their small size, are readily carried by the steam into the valves and cylinders of the engine, where they may injure the joints through friction, and cause an escape of the steam.

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