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boiler incrustation, other organic compositions - boiler incrustation, Other Organic Compositions;
boiler incrustation, other organic compositions - Peat or moss has been used in many cases with the best results, whilst with some waters potatoes act well. The residue in the boiler is soft, and the blow-cock should be frequently used. Many other organic materials have from time to time been in the market. They form an important class of substances, and many of them give good results. The analyses of the incrustations show an increase in the proportion of organic matter, but otherwise they do not materially differ from those obtained from the same waters when no anti-incrustator is used.

These organic substances are frequently mixed with salts, and have then the properties of both classes - that is to say, chemical and mechanical actions. They are liable, however, when used with hard waters, to form somewhat dense cakes, which become more or less hard, are charred, and cause overheating and consequent damage. This seems to be due to an excess of the saline constituent, for natural substances containing little alkaline base in proportion to organic constituent do not seem to give similar results. The saline ingredient is generally caustic soda or soda ash.

No attempt should be made to soften water or employ anti-incrustators without first making a searching inquiry as to the nature of the waters available and the scale they may form. No special law can be laid down for the softening of water or the use of anti-incrustators - the cause of the disease must first be learned, and then the remedy may be safe and sure. To limit the materials used, by laying down a hard and fast rule, would be to cause injury and loss to the steam user. The best results are obtained by the employment of a man of skill, and the rigid working out of his suggestions.

A writer in 'Le Technologiste' discusses the processes employed to prevent boiler incrustations under 3 classes: (1) chemical; (2) chemical and mechanical combined; (3) physical.

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