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book binding - book binding;
book binding - By "binding" a book is meant the arrangement of the "sheets" composing it, with maps, plates, etc., in proper sequence, within a pair of covers, of various material, with or without ornamentation, and in such a manner that the pages can be turned over separately without being detached. The art is divided into a number of operations.

See all book binding process step-by step:
  1. folding
  2. collating
  3. marking up and sawing in
  4. sewing
  5. forwarding
  6. pasting up
  7. pasting on the end papers
  8. trimming
  9. glueing up
  10. rounding
  11. backing
  12. millboards
  13. drawing-in and pressing
  14. cutting
  15. colouring the edges
  16. painted edges
  17. head-banding
  18. preparing for covering
  19. flexible work
  20. covering
  21. half-bound work
  22. pasting down
  23. pasting down
  24. joints
  25. hand-finishing
  26. styles
  27. gold work
  28. inlaid work
  29. porous
  30. full gilt back
  31. pressing
  32. graining
  33. finishing with dry preparation
  34. vellum
  35. blocking
  36. calf colouring
  37. substitute for brass lettering

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