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book binding, forwarding - book binding, Forwarding;
book binding, forwarding - For "end" papers, the coloured paper is pasted on white, the style of binding deciding the choice. The usual kinds are as follows.

"Cobb" paper (used generally for half-calf bindings with sprinkled edge, or half-calf gilt top) is stained various shades and colours in the making, brown or sage green being the colours most favoured.

"Surface " paper has one side pre-! pared with a layer of colour, laid on with a brush very evenly; some kinds are left dull, others are glazed. Darker colours are generally chosen for religious books,' and lighter for cloth or case work. Many other kinds are. put into " extra " bindings with good effect e.g. a cream of fine colour and good quality in a morocco with cloth or morocco joints.

"Marbled" paper has colours disposed on it in imitation of marble, produced by sprinkling prepared colours upon a coating of size made from an emulsion or resinous solution. See Marbling.

"Printed" and "fancy " papers may be bought in any variety. "Coloured paste " paper may be home-made. Some colour is mixed with paste and soap till it is a little thicker than cream, then spread upon 2 sheets of paper with a paste-brush; the sheets are next laid with their coloured surfaces in contact, and when separated will bear a wavy pattern. The paper is hung up till dry, and glazed with a hot iron.

Having decided upon the kind of paper to use, cut and fold 2 pieces to the size of the book, or a trifle larger especially if the book has been already cut; also prepare 2 pieces of white paper in the same way. This done a white paper is laid down, folded, and very evenly brushed with moderately thin paste; the 2 fancy papers are laid on the top, level with the back or folded edge; the top fancy paper is pasted and the other white is laid on that; next take them from the board and after a squeeze in the press, hang them up separately to dry. Thus one half of the white will adhere to one half of the marbled or fancy paper. When dry, they are folded in the old folds and pressed for J hour. As many as 10-15 pairs may be done at once, by commencing with 1 white, then 2 fancy, 2 white, and so on, always pressing, to ensure the surfaces adhering properly, then hanging up to dry, and when dry, pressing again, to make them quite flat.

In pasting be sure to draw the brush well over the paper and away from the centre, towards the edges of the paper. Take just enough paste on the brush to make it slide well. See that the whole surface is pasted; remove all hairs and lumps from the paper, or they will mark the book; and never attempt to take up the brush from the paper before it is well drawn over the edge, or the paper will stick to the brush and turn over, with the risk of pasting the under side.

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