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book binding, pasting up - book binding, Pasting up;
book binding, pasting up - In every book, the first and last sheet, which have been overcast as instructed, must be "pasted up"; and if the book has too much "swelling," it must be tapped down gently with a hammer, holding the book tightly at the fore-edge with the left hand, knuckles down, and resting the back on the press. A better plan is for the back to be knocked flat on the laying press, placed in it without boards, so that the back projects, screwed up tightly, so that the sheets cannot slip; a knocking-down iron is then placed against left side of the book and the back is hammered against it. The "slips" or cords are pulled tight, each with the right hand, the left hand holding them against the book so that they shall not be drawn through. The process is illustrated in Fig.: a, press; b, knocking-down iron; c, book.

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