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book binding, pasting on the end papers - book binding, Pasting on the End Papers;
book binding, pasting on the end papers - For each side of the book, a single leaf of white paper, somewhat thicker than that used for the ends, is cut. Lay the end papers on a board or on the press, with the pasted side uppermost, and put the single leaves on the top. Fan them out evenly to a proper width (about a ¼ in. for an 8vo), lay a piece of waste paper on the top, and paste their edges. Having thrown the slips back, the white flyleaf is put on the book, a little way from the back, the made ends on the top are placed even with the back, and the book is again left to dry beneath a weight.

Very heavy or large books should have bookbinders' cloth or leather "joints" matching the colour of the cover, morocco being mostly used for leather joints. Cloth joints may be added either when the ends are being put on, or when the book is ready for pasting down. Now the cloth is cut 1-3 in., according to the size of the book, and folded quite evenly, leaving the side of the cloth to go on the book the width intended to be glued; thus a width of 1 in. should be folded ¾ on one side, leaving ¼ on the other, and putting the ¼ on the book. Having glued the smallest fold, the white flyleaf is put on, and the fancy paper on the top. The difference here is that the paper is single, or is cut to the size of the book and pasted all over. It is best to paste the marble paper, put on the white, rub well down, and lay them between millboards to dry. Finally a piece of waste or brown paper may be slightly fastened at the back over the whole, turning the cloth down on the book to keep it clean and prevent injury.

When the cloth joint is to be put on after the book is covered, the flyleaves and ends are only edge-pasted to the book just to hold them while it is being bound; when the book is to be pasted down, the ends are lifted from it by running a thin folding-stick between the ends and the book. The cloth is cut and folded as before, fastened on, and the ends and flyleaves are properly pasted in the back. Morocco joints are always put in after the book is covered.

Cloth joints go in better at the same time as the ends, taking care that the ends are quite dry after being made before attaching them, or their dampness will cause wrinkles.

The ends being quite dry, the slips are unravelled and scraped with a bodkin and a knife-back, so that they may with greater ease be passed through the holes in the millboard, and the cord be more evenly distributed and beaten down, to prevent their being seen in the covered book.

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