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book binding, trimming - book binding, trimming;
book binding, trimming - If the book is to be uncut, or to have a gilt, top, the rough edges are "trimmed" off with a very sharp knife or shears. The book is knocked up straight, laid on a smooth-planed "trimming board," and compassed from the back as a guide; a straight-edge is laid on the compass holes, and the fore-edge is cut. The object being merely to make the edges true, only the rough and dirty edges are taken off, leaving the book as large as possible. Sometimes the book is put into the cutting press, and the overplus is taken off with a "round plough," especially if a number of books are to be done together. It is better to use the straight-edge and knife for the|fore-edge and tail, and to cut the top when the boards are on the book.

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