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book binding, rounding - book binding, rounding;
book binding, rounding - "Bounding" applies to the back of the book, and is preliminary to backing. In rounding the back, the book is laid on the press before the workman with the fore-edge towards him, and held with the left hand by placing the thumb on the fore-edge and fingers on the top of the book pointing towards the back, so that by drawing the fingers towards the thumb, or by pressing fingers and thumb together, the back is drawn towards the workman at an angle. The back is then struck gently with the flat or face of the hammer, beginning in the centre of the back, still drawing the back over with the left hand. The book is then turned over, the other side is treated in the same way, and so continually changed or turned until it has its proper form, which should be about 1 of a circle. When sufficiently rounded, it is examined to see if one side be perfectly level with the other, by holding the book up and glancing down its back, and gently tapping the places where uneven, until it is perfectly uniform. The thicker the book, the more difficult to round it; and some papers will be found more obstinate than others, so that great care must be exercised both in rounding and backing, as the fore-edge when cut will have exactly the same form as the back.

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