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bleaching, albumen - bleaching, Albumen
bleaching, albumen - Leon Maret is the inventor of a curious process of bleaching blood-albumen by the electric light. By a long exposure to this, the colouring matter of the albumen is said to be destroyed gradually, until a product is obtained which is almost as white as egg-albumen. The usual process for obtaining blood-albumen is followed, and when the albumen is separated from the blood, it is exposed to the electric light, either while still in the liquid state or when dried. By means of lenses, or reflectors, the light is projected from the lamps on the albumen. If the latter is in the liquid state, the exposure to the light is done in the drying stoves, where the albumen is placed in shallow trays, the light being projected on the surface. These trays are made of glass, in order to allow the rays to penetrate into the interior; 24 hours' exposure is said to produce complete decolorisation.

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