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book binding, flexible work - book binding, Flexible Work;
book binding, flexible work - This is not lined up. The leather is stuck directly upon the book; the head-band is set as before explained, and held tight by glueing a piece of fine linen against it, and when quite dry, the overplus is cut away, and the back is made quite smooth. The bands are knocked up gently with a blunt chisel to make them perfectly straight, being first damped and made soft with a little paste to facilitate the working and prevent the thread from being cut. Any holes caused by sawing in, in previous binding, must be filled up with a piece of frayed cord, pasted. Any holes thus filled up must be made quite smooth when dry, as the least unevenness will show when the book is covered.

In "thrown up" backs, or in "flexible not to show," a piece of thin linen or stuff called " mull" (muslin) is glued on the back first, and one piece of paper on the top. For the hollow, 3, 4, or even 5 pieces are stuck one on the other, so that it may be firm; whilst the book itself will be as if it had a flexible back. The bands if any, are then fastened on, and the corners of the boards are cut off. It is then ready for covering. "Mock flexible" has generally one piece of paper glued on the back, and when marked up, the bands are put on as before, and the book is covered.

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