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book binding, half-bound work - book binding, Half-bound Work;
book binding, half-bound work - The book has its back, a part of the sides, and the corners covered with leather. The sides are, after the leather is perfectly dry, covered either with cloth or paper according to fancy, turned over the boards as with leather. The book is then pasted down. Before the paper is put on the sides, all unevenness of the leather is pared away. This style has come very much into reputation lately on account of its economy; the amount of leather required is less, and the work is as strong and serviceable as in a whole-bound book. It will be better if the back be finished before the corners are put on, as there is great likelihood that the corners may get damaged to some extent during the process of finishing. The outside paper may either match the colour of the leather, or be the same as the edge or end-papers.

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