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book binding, pasting down - book binding, Pasting Down;
book binding, pasting down - This is to cover up the inside board by pasting down the end-papers to the boards.

The white or waste leaf, that has till this process protected the endpapers, is now taken away or torn out. The joint of the board must be cleaned of any paste or glue that may have accumulated there, by passing the point of a sharp knife along it so that when the end is pasted down, the joint will be quite straight and perfectly square.

Morocco books should be filled in with a smooth board or thick paper, the exact substance of the leather. This thickness must be carefully chosen, and one edge be cut off straight, and stuck on the inside of the board very slightly, in fact only touching it in the centre with a little glue or paste, just sufficient to hold it temporarily. It must be flush with the back-edge of the board. When dry, the paper or board is marked with a compass about J in. round, and both paper and leather are cut through at the same cut with a sharp knife. The overplus board will fall off, and the outside of the leather may be easily detached by lifting it up with a knife. The paper or board, which will now fit in exactly, should be glued and well rubbed down with a folding-stick, or it may be put into the standing press if the grain of the morocco is to be polished, but not otherwise.

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