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candles, transparent - Candles, Transparent;
candles, transparent - For 100 lb. of stock take 90 lb. of spermaceti, 5 lb. purified mutton suet, and 5 lb. wax; melt each separately over a water bath, and to the whole, when mixed together, add 2 oz. of alum and 2 oz. of bitartrate of potash in fine powder; and. while stirring constantly, raise the heat to 176° F.; then withdraw the fire and allow the mixture to cool to the temperature of 140° F. When the impurities subside, the clear liquid must be drawn off into clean pans. Paraffin wax is an excellent substitute, and much less costly. For quality and good appearance, candles made of this cooled block are more than proportional to its cost. Substitute plaited wicks for the foregoing mixture to the wicks generally used for composite candles, and prepare them by previously soaking in a solution of 4 oz. borax, 1 oz. chlorate of potash, 1 oz. nitrate of potash, and 1 oz. sal ammoniac, in 3 quarts of water. After being thoroughly dried, they are ready for moulding.

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