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celluloid, imitation pearl - Celluloid, Imitation Pearl;
celluloid, imitation pearl - Fish-scales mixed with the dissolved pyroxyline, and a pearly lustrous material is thus produced. To form a thin veneer of artificial pearl, 1 part of this material is mixed with 100 parts of pyroxyline. The latter is first ground with a solvent and oil to a doughy consistency, the pearly compound is then added, the solvent is separated, and the celluloid is worked up in the ordinary way. But when the celluloid is required in a semi-fluid condition, the solvent must be increased instead of removed, and a much larger proportion of the pearly material will be needed. The best lustre produced is that made in Prance from the scales of the whiting. In producing a coloured celluloid, preference should always be given to dyes - especially aniline - rather than pigments. The brightest and most delicate colours may be imparted.

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