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celluloid, resemble ivory - - The following plan is adopted: The celluloid is made without any colouring matter, and is kept as clean and white as possible; when in a dough-like state, it is rolled into sheets 1/16 in. thick. Meantime another celluloid is prepared containing carbonate of strontia in the proportion of 1 part to about 200 parts of pyroxyline, and this also is rolled into sheets. These sheets are placed alternately one over another, to produce any desired grain. A good plan is to lay a transparent and an opaque sheet one over the other, and roll them up together, then take the roll and twist it, pass it through heated rollers, and roll it down into a slab, for cutting knife handles or whatever may be required.

In working white or light-coloured celluloids, or those in imitation of pearl or ivory, it is necessary that porcelain or glass vessels should be used in its manufacture as far as possible, and the rollers through which it is passed must be covered with platinum, as other metals are acted upon by the celluloid. A coating of platinum 1/16 in. thick will be very durable.

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