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celluloid, billiard balls - The process employed is as follows: To 100 parts of pyroxyline, dissolved, ground, and strained as usual, are added 300 to 500 parts of the solvent - alcohol 100 parts, naphtha 50 parts; 100 to 150 parts of arrowroot or starch; 50 to 200 parts of the best zinc-white. The solid matters are added to the plastic solution of the pyroxyline, and the whole is placed in a closed rolling or grinding apparatus, the rollers being heated by steam, and the compound is ground up till most of the solvent is driven off. The latter is recovered by conveying it through pipes to a Liebig's condenser. The mass is now about as stiff as clay, and may be moulded or rolled, and placed in a warm place for seasoning. When well seasoned, the ball may be turned. When less specific gravity is required, it is best to employ as much amylaceous substances as possible, they being lighter than the zinc. Ground and bleached cotton fibre may be rubbed up with the plastic pyroxyline, in the proportion of 100 parts disintegrated cotton to 300 parts pyroxyline paste. When making coloured celluloid with amylaceous substances or cotton, the colours should be added at the same time, and ground up with the other ingredients.

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