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celluloid, dental - The transformation of the pyroxyline is effected by camphor, and without the use of fixed oils or fusible non-solvent gums, which are required to be combined with the material when ether, alcohol, etc., are used, and which would impair the strength, durability, purity, and firmness of texture essential in dental plates. 50 parts at least by weight or camphor are added to 100 parts of soluble pyroxyline; more camphor makes the compound more plastic. The plates formed are placed in a drying-room heated to 150° to 180° F. (65° to 82° C.), the latter being the maximum, to drive off the camphor. A temperature above 200° F. (93° C.) will expand the material, and make it porous and brittle. It is said that this compound is lighter and stronger than dental vulcanite or indiarubber; its colour is the same as the natural gum, and is unchangeable; it has no unpleasant taste; it is absolutely non-injurious, and never shrinks or warps after setting.

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