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ivory, incombustible substitute - Ivory, Incombustible Substitute;
ivory, incombustible substitute - A compound said to be fireproof, and suitable as a substitute for ivory, is thus made: A solution is prepared of 200 parts of casein in 50 parts of ammonia and 400 of water, or 150 parts of albumen in 400 of water. To the solution the following are added: quicklime, 240 parts; acetate of alumina, 150 parts; alum, 50 parts; sulphate of lime, 1200 parts; oil, 100 parts. The oil is to be mixed in the last. When dark objects are to be made, 75 to 100 parts of tannin are substituted for the acetate of alumina. When the mixture has been well kneaded together and made into a smooth paste, it is passed through rollers to form plates of the desired shape. These are dried and pressed into metallic moulds previously heated, or they may be reduced to a very fine powder, which is introduced into heated moulds and submitted to strong pressure. The objects are afterwards dipped into the folio wing bath: Water, 100 parts; white glue, 1 part; phosphoric acid, 10 parts. Finally, they are dried, polished, and varnished with shellac.

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