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  1. Melt yellow beeswax with its weight of turpentine, and colour with finely powdered Venetian red. When cold, it has the hardness of soap, but it is easily softened and moulded with the fingers, and for sticking things together temporarily it is invaluable. The consistence of the cement may be varied by changing the proportions of turpentine and wax, and, if a very firm cement is needed, a little resin may be added.
  2. Slaked lime is beaten up with white of eggs; strips of linen are soaked in the mixture, and applied immediately, as it dries very rapidly.
  3. ½ lb. pulverised chalk, 1 lb. rye flour, sufficient white of egg; the whole is formed into an almost liquid mass, which is brushed over strips of linen, and the latter are applied to the joints; an additional strip of linen is laid over them, and pressed with a hot iron, which dries the compound.

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