cements, chinese or schio-liao

cements, chinese or schio-liao defined in 1909 year

cements, chinese or schio-liao - Cements, Chinese or Schio-liao;
cements, chinese or schio-liao - To 3 parts of fresh-beaten blood are added 4 parts of slaked lime and a little alum; a thin, pasty mass is produced, which can be used immediately. Objects which are to be made specially waterproof are painted by the Chinese twice, or at the most three times. Dr. Scherzer saw in Pekin a wooden box which had travelled the tedious road via Siberia to St. Petersburg and back, which was found to be perfectly sound and waterproof. Even baskets made of straw became, by the use of this cement, perfectly serviceable in the transportation of oil. Pasteboard treated therewith receives the appearance and strength of wood. Most of the wooden public buildings of China are painted with schio-liao, which gives theman unpleasant reddish appearance, but adds to their durability. This cement was tried in the Austrian Department of Agriculture, and by the "Vienna Association of Industry," and in both cases the statements of Dr. Scherzer were found to be strictly accurate.

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