cements, dextrine

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cements, dextrine - Cements, Dextrine;
cements, dextrine - This is prepared from starch by the action of heat, diastase, or acids, and is sometimes called starch gum and British gum. As usually sold, it is a whitish, insipid powder, having a pleasant odour of cucumbers. It is soluble in cold and hot water, and in very dilute alcohol, but it is insoluble in strong alcohol and ether. In France it is largely employed by pastrycooks and confectioners, and by surgeons, as a stiffening for the splints used for fractured limbs. Dextrine is easily prepared for use. It may be mixed with cold water and stirred or beaten for a few moments, when it will dissolve very completely. It may be used immediately, or it may be boiled. This latter improves it. For details of manufacture, see Spons' 'Encyclopaedia.'

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