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cements, cutlers' - Cements, Cutlers';
cements, cutlers' - This is the name given to various kinds of cement used for fastening knives, etc., in their handles.
  1. A very firm cement is made of 4 parts resin, 1 of beeswax, into which, when melted, 1 part of fine brickdust is stirred. It adheres with great firmness.
  2. Take powdered resin, and mix with it a small quantity of powdered chalk, whiting, or slaked lime. Fill the hole in the handle with the mixture, heat the tang of the knife or fork, and thrust in. When cold, it will be securely fastened.
  3. Take 1 lb. resin and 8 oz. sulphur, melt together, form into bars, or when cold reduce to powder; 1 part of the powder is to be mixed with ½ part of iron filings, brickdust or fine sand; fill the cavity of the handle with the mixture, and insert the tang, previously heated.
  4. Pitch, 4 parts; resin, 4; tallow, 2; brickdust, 2. Melt the first three ingredients, and add the brickdust hot and finely powdered.
  5. Chopped hair, flax, hemp or tow. mixed with powdered resin and applied as above.
  6. 16 oz. rosin, 16 oz. hot whiting, 1 oz. wax.
  7. 5 parts pitch, 1 wood-ashes, 1 hard tallow, melted together.
  8. 4 lb. black rosin melted with 1 lb. beeswax, and 1 lb. red hot whiting added.
  9. 16 oz. rosin, 8 oz. sulphur; melt, and when cool reduce to powder. Mix with this some fine sand or brickdust, and use as stated. (10) Take a portion of a quill, put it into the handle, warm the tang, and insert it into the quill in the handle and press it firmly. This is a simple method, and answers the purpose required very well.

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