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cements, egg - A number of very cohesive cements, impervious to water and most liquids and vapours for a short time, are made by the union of quicklime with many of the vegetable and animal mucilages and glues. The following is said by Aiken to have been extensively employed by chemists for centuries under the name of "egg cement": (1) Take some white of eggs with as much water, beat them well together, and sprinkle in sufficient slaked lime to make the whole up to the consistence of thin paste. This cement sets or becomes hard very quickly, and must be used at once. It is employed to mend earthenware, china, glass, marble, alabaster, spar ornaments, etc. • Although water-proof to a certain extent, it does not resist moisture long unless it has been exposed to heat. (2) Freshly burnt plaster-of-Paris, 5 parts; freshly burnt lime, 1; white of egg, as much as may be needed. Reduce the two first ingredients to a very fine powder, and mix them well; moisten the surfaces to be united with a small quantity of white of egg, to make them adhesive; then mix the powder very rapidly with white of egg, and apply the mixture to the broken surfaces. If they are large, two persons should do this, each applying the cement to one portion. The pieces are then firmly pressed together, and left undisturbed for several days.

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