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cements, elastic - Cements, Elastic;
cements, elastic -
  1. Indiarubber, 5 parts; chloroform, 3; dissolve and add powdered gum mastic, 1. Elastic and transparent.
  2. Cut indiarubber into fine shreds and dissolve together 1 oz. of the rubber, 4 oz. of bisulphide of carbon, 2 dr. isinglass, and ½ oz. guttapercha; in using this, the parts to be joined must be covered with a thin coat of the solution, and be allowed to dry a few minutes; then heat to melting, place the parts together and compress until cold.
  3. Guttapercha, 1 lb.; caoutchouc, 4 oz.; pitch, 2 oz.; shellac, 1 oz.; linseed-oil, 2 oz.; melt together. Must be heated when applied. (And see indiarubber and marine glue.)

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