cements, opticians

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cements, opticians - Cements, Opticians;
cements, opticians - The cements obtained from the following formulae are used by opticians for fixing lenses, prisms, etc., to chucks and holders, while they are being ground.
  1. Pitch, 5 parts; wood ashes, 1; tallow, 1, less or more, according to the temperature of the season.
  2. Shellac softened with rectified spirit or wood naphtha.
  3. Beeswax, 1 oz.; resin, 15 oz.; melt and add 5 oz. of whiting previously heated red hot and still warm.
  4. Resin, 1 lb.; melt and add dry and warm plaster 4 oz. This forms a very strong cement for rough purposes.

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