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cements, parabolic - Cements, Parabolic;
cements, parabolic - This is a variety of casein or cheese cement, prepared as follows: Curdle skim-milk with rennet or vinegar, press out the whey, and dry the curd by a very gentle heat, but as quickly as possible. When quite dry, grind it in a pepper or coffee mill, and triturate it in a mortar until reduced to a very fine powder. Mix 10 parts by weight of this powder with 1 of quicklime, also in very fine powder, and to every ounce of the mixture add 5 or 6 gr. of camphor. Triturate the whole together, and keep in phials well corked. Used to unite glass, earthenware, etc., which it does very strongly. It is made into a paste with a little water as wanted, and applied immediately.

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