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cements, wood - Cements, Wood;
cements, wood -
  1. A mixture of lime, clay, and iron oxide, separately calcined, and reduced to fine powder, then intimately mixed, kept in a close vessel, and made up with the requisite quantity of water when wanted.
  2. The following cement will be as hard as stone when dry, and will adhere firmly to wood. Melt 1 oz. resin and 1 oz. of pure yellow wax in an iron pan, and thoroughly stir in 1 oz. of Venetian red, until a perfect mixture is formed. Use while hot.
  3. For cracks in wood,
    1. Slaked lime, 1 part; rye meal, 2 parts; made into a paste with a sufficient quantity of linseed-oil;
    2. Glue, 1 part, dissolved in water, 16 parts; when almost cold, sawdust and prepared chalk are stirred in to the required consistence;
    3. Oil varnish, thickened with a mixture of equal parts white lead, red lead, litharge and chalk.

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