january 16

january 16 defined in 1911 year

january 16 - January 16;
january 16 - M. Pichon, in French Chamber, defends the Anglo- Russian agreement. - Remains of German balloon, "Hilder- brandt," containing bodies of two aeronauts, found under ice in lake in Pomerania. - Keels laid at Portsmouth and Devonport of two new British battleships, "King George V" and "Centurion."

january 16 defined in 1912 year

january 16 - January 16;
january 16 - Bomb attempt on Yuan shih-Kai, Chinese Premier, at Peking. - Swedish Riksdag opens; woman's suffrage bill announced. - U. S. Govt. warns Cuba that if the military continue to interfere in politics intervention may again be necessary. - Death of Henry Labouchere, English politician and journalist, at Florence, aged 80.

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