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january 17 defined in 1911 year

january 17 - January 17;
january 17 - M. Briand, French Premier, shot at by Jizoline, a madman, in Chamber of Deputies. - German submarine U 3 sinks in Kiel harbour; 3 lives lost. - Redistribution of Seats Bill occasions violent scenes in Parliament of Western Australia. - Explosion on U. S battleship "Delaware" causes 8 deaths. - Death of Sir Francis Galton, aged 88.

january 17 defined in 1912 year

january 17 - January 17;
january 17 - Fighting between Italians and Turks at Derna, Tripoli. - Italian warship seizes French mailboat "Carthage" in the Mediterranean. - M.C.C. cricket eleven win Third Test Match at Adelaide by 7 wickets. - Pres. Taft in a special message to U. S. Congress recommends changes in administration estimated to save $11,000,000. - Dr. Harvey W. Wiley's conduct of pure food investigation approved by a committee of the U. S. House of Representatives. - United Mine Workers' convention at Indianapolis, Ind., favours government ownership of all industries and votes to demand higher wages for all coal miners. - Terminal Storage Company Warehouse in New York City burnt; damage about $1,000,000.

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