january 21

january 21 defined in 1911 year

january 21 - January 21;
january 21 - Pres. Taft speaks in New York on the duty of the U. S. to fortify the Panama Canal. - Mexican Govt. troops ambushed at Galanea by insurgents, losing 80 dead and 50 wounded. - U. S. War Dept. sends cavalry to Mexican frontier to preserve neutrality of American territory. - Rifaat Pasha speaks in Turkish Chamber on Russo- German Agreement and Bagdad railway. - Wales beats England in Rugby football at Swansea by 15 points to 11.

january 21 defined in 1912 year

january 21 - January 21;
january 21 - Cardinal Bourne's reception at Westminster Cathedral, London. - Street rioting in Bukarest, as a demonstration against the Carp Ministry.

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