january 22

january 22 defined in 1911 year

january 22 - January 22;
january 22 - Honduran gunboat "Homer" seized by U.S. cruiser "Tacoma" for violating neutrality. - U. S. Govt. agrees to act as arbitrator in Haiti and Santo Domingo boundary dispute.

january 22 defined in 1912 year

january 22 - January 22;
january 22 - Campaign against Home Rule opened in Lancashire and Cheshire by Mr. Austen Chamberlain, Sir E. Carson, Mr, F. E. Smith, and Mr. Walter Long. - M. Poincare, French Premier, makes statement in Chamber as to gun boats seized by Italians. - Railway accident in Illinois; Mr. J. T. Harahan, President of the Railroad Co., and others killed. - U. S. Supreme Court decides that railways may not refuse to carry into prohibition territory intoxicating liquor shipped from another state.

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