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january 23 defined in 1911 year

january 23 - January 23;
january 23 - Accident on Taff Vale Railway, S. Wales; n killed, 7 injured. - British Minister at Teheran presents fresh note to Persia, since the three months given her to restore order have expired. - Prof. Edouard Branly elected to the French Academy by 30 votes as against 28 for Mme. Curie. - Mr. D. G. Phillips, American author, shot dead in New York. - Vinoyak Savarkar put on trial at Bombay for abetment of murder of Mr. Jackson, Indian official at Nasik in December 1909. - Mahomed Farid, Egyptian Nationalist leader, sentenced to six months' imprisonment at Cairo for seditious writings. - Inauguration at Paris of the Oceanographic Institute built by Prince Albert of Monaco. - National Republican Progressive League (of U. S.) organised at Washington.

january 23 defined in 1912 year

january 23 - January 23;
january 23 - Frederick the Great bi-centenary celebrated in Berlin. - A party of British visitors, selected from both Houses of Parliament, leave London for Russia, to return the visit of the Russian Duma to London in Sept. 1911. - "Rue de la Paix," play by MM. Abel Hermaut and Marc de Toledo, produced at the Vaudeville theatre, Paris. - Federal Court at Buffalo, N. Y., fines Standard Oil Company of New York $55,000 for accepting railroad rebates. - U.S. Supreme Court upholds order of Interstate Commerce Commission (enjoined by Circuit Court in Minnesota), forbidding increase in rates on lumber from Pacific Coast to mid-western points.

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