january 31

january 31 defined in 1911 year

january 31 - January 31;
january 31 - British Parliament meets; Mr. J. W. Lowther elected Speaker for the fourth time. - Sir Wilfrid Laurier speaks in Dominion House of Commons in favour of reforming rather than abolishing the Senate. - German Foreign Secretary and British Ambassador in Berlin sign treaty extending extradition to various British colonies and protectorates. - River and Harbour appropriation bill ($36,000,000) passed by U. S. Senate. - Canadian Board of Trade declares (60-44) against reciprocity.

january 31 defined in 1912 year

january 31 - January 31;
january 31 - British doctors decline to attend conference convened in London by the Insurance Commissioners and the Joint Committee. - Trial of Mr. Bertrand Stewart for espionage before German Supreme Court at Leipzig. - Lisbon strike ended by the action of the Portuguese Government. - Mr. F. E. Smith speaks at New Cross on the Unionist programme. - Fighting in Mexico between Zapatistas and Federal troops. - Fight between gendarmes and motor-car bandits at Les Autrais goods station near Etampes, France; one gendarme and one bandit killed. - Bill creating Children's Bureau in U. S. Department of Commerce and Labour passes U. S. Senate. - Violent earthquake shock felt at Valdez, Alaska. - Rev. Austin Dowling of Providence, R. I., is named bishop of new Roman Catholic diocese of Des Moines, Iowa.

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