february 1

february 1 defined in 1911 year

february 1 - February 1;
february 1 - Dynamite explosion at Jersey City, U.S.A.; 30 per sons killed, 200 wounded, much damage to buildings and shipping. - Trial and conviction in King's Bench Division, London, before Lord Chief Justice, of Edward Frederick Mylius for libelling King George V, by stating that prior to his marriage with Queen Mary he had been morganatically married; sentence 12 months' imprisonment. - "Thunderer," British super-Dreadnought, launched from Thames Ironworks. - Annual Conference of British Labour Party at Leicester; Pres. urges reversal of Osborne judgment. - Board of Trade enquiry into loss of "Waratah" concluded. General lock-out declared by Master Printers' Association in London.

february 1 defined in 1912 year

february 1 - February 1;
february 1 - Miners' strike notices issued in South Wales to leave work on February 29, unless minimum wage demand is conceded. - Presbyterian Convention in Belfast protests against Home Rule. - Paris taxi-cab strike riot. - Board of Trade Report issued on first two years' work of Labour Exchanges in Great Britain. - French War Minister abolishes the system of secret reports. - Mrs. Caroline W. Neustadter's will bequeathes $1,000,000 for establishing model homes near New York City.

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