february 19

february 19 defined in 1911 year

february 19 - February 19;
february 19 - John Hutchinson, charged with poisoning his father and another at Dalkeith, Scotland, arrested in Guernsey, but immediately commits suicide (see Feb. 4). - Japan denounces existing commercial treaty with Canada.

february 19 defined in 1912 year

february 19 - February 19;
february 19 - Mr. Ellis J. Griffith, chairman of the Welsh Liberal members, becomes Under-Secretary to the Home Dept. in British Govt. - Sir Starr Jameson's motion of censure on the South African Govt. for their treatment of the Civil Service rejected by 72 to 34. - The Kaiser speaks on German Unity at Kiel after the launching of a dreadnought. - Fifty persons drowned through the foundering of a launch near Rangoon. - U. S. Supreme Court decides that it belongs to Congress, and not the Court, to determine whether a state by its adoption of the initiative and referendum has ceased to be republican in form within the guaranty of the Federal Constitution.

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