february 20

february 20 defined in 1911 year

february 20 - February 20;
february 20 - Dr. Gregory, Dean of St. Paul's, aged 92, resigns.

february 20 defined in 1912 year

february 20 - February 20;
february 20 - Mr. Asquith invites coal-owners and miners to meet him and discuss means for averting a strike. - Count Berchtold succeeds Count Aehrenthal as Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister, and Dr. dc Billinski becomes joint Minister of Finance. - In British Parliament the official opposition amendment to the Address is rejected by 324 to 231 votes. - Coal rises 2s. a ton in London. - Houston, Texas, largely destroyed by fire. - Pres. Taft transmits to U. S. Congress report of Employers' Liability Commission. - Sale of Weber collection of pictures in Berlin; £29,500 paid for a Mantegna. - British Medical Association meet in London to consider the attitude of the profession towards the National Insurance Act. - Tuberculosis Prevention Committee appointed by the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, with Mr. Waldorf Astor as Chairman.

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