february 21

february 21 defined in 1911 year

february 21 - February 21;
february 21 - Train catches fire near Perm, Russia; 7 killed, 32 injured. - Australians beat South African cricketers at Melbourne by 530 runs, and win the rubber. - King George V holds his first Levee at St. James's Palace. - China's reply to Russian ultimatum received and approved in St. Peters burg. - Meeting held in Sydney in support of active defence policy and compulsory military training. - Police constable murdered in Calcutta. - Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, operative July 17, 1911 for twelve years, signed at Washington by representatives of U. S. and Japan.

february 21 defined in 1912 year

february 21 - February 21;
february 21 - Mr. Roosevelt, speaking before the Ohio Constitutional Convention at Columbus, outlines a "Charter of Democracy." - Sir Edward Grey speaks in British Parliament on the Persian Question. - U. S. House of Representatives passes bill revising chemical schedule of tariff so as to increase revenue. - U. S. grand jury in Albany, N. Y., indicts Delaware & Hudson Company under commodities clause of Hepburn Act.

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