february 22

february 22 defined in 1911 year

february 22 - February 22;
february 22 - Parliament Bill read first time in British House of Commons by 351 to 227. - Court of Inquiry in London decides that "Waratah" capsized on July 28, 1909, between Port Natal and Cape Town. - Canadian Parliament carry unanimously resolution affirming Canada's decision to preserve intact bond of union with Empire and full liberty to control her own fiscal policy. - Wiltshire (Westbury) by-election results in return of Hon. Geoffrey Howard (Liberal), majority 581.

february 22 defined in 1912 year

february 22 - February 22;
february 22 - British coalowners and miners meet at the Foreign Office. - "The Secret Woman," a play by Eden Phillpotts, produced in London in spite of the Censorship. - Mr. Knox, U. S. Secretary of State, starts on Central American tour. - Tariff Reform Amendment to Address in British House of Commons negatived by 258 to 193. - Lord Morley speaks in the House of Lords in defence of the change of the capital of India from Calcutta to Delhi. - Hebert case, involving validity of Ne Temere decree, decided in Canada on the grounds that the decree has no civil effect. - Pres. Taft sends to the U. S. Congress message recommending report of commission on second class post matter for in creased rate on newspapers and magazines. - U. S. grand jury at Cincinnati, Ohio, indicts the officials of National Cash Register Company and Adams Express Company.

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